On the Outsourcing service, the HOSPEDEIRAS DE PORTUGAL operates as an external partner, with the coordination transfer and the activities execution inherent to the service.
We have a specialized department that guarantees the carrying out of a personalized service with an account manager responsible for the recruitment and selection of collaborators, as well as its operational management, supervision and monitoring during all the partnership extent, introducing work improvements that can lead to an increase of the quality and productivity of the collaborators allocated to the Client company.

Contact with the Client is the big secret of our success and achievements on the market. The understanding of the clients’ needs and the presentation of the most beneficial solutions to manage their human resources makes HOSPEDEIRAS DE PORTUGAL a company with a partnership spirit with all our Clients – “GAIN WITH WHO GAINS”.

Contractual Management

In the scope of the Contractual Management, the HOSPEDEIRAS DE PORTUGAL presents a service consisting in the elaboration and administrative and legal management of the temporary working contracts for collaborators pointed out by the company client.
The main advantage of this service is a decrease in the invoicing costs, because it does not include the Recruitment & Selection costs. Thus, all the legal expenses with the collaborator are responsibility of the ‘Hospedeiras de Portugal’, freeing the company client from the responsibility and wasting time with bureaucratic procedures.